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Fort Carson Living Guide!

Welcome to our detailed living section. Get ready to discover all there is to know about Fort Carson and Colorado Springs. The Fort Carson 123 team has created the “Fort Carson Living Guide”, which allows you to explore several different topics filled with articles that will help you as make that final leap and move down to beautiful Colorado.

As you might have already noticed, our website shows you allot of real estate and information about the area. We bet you have allot of questions and how to get started moving here. What we have been working on behind the scenes is a detailed information guide on several topics that are important to know before you move down to Colorado Springs. In this section we are going to cover allot of information.

 Fort Carson Living: Read about everyday Living

Lady Friends at cook offThis is one of the most beautiful areas in the world because of its majestic mountain views. The Living section covers several interesting topics such as: bringing your pets, transportation in the area, weather, activities and more.

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  Driving in Fort Carson: Flying or Driving to Fort Carson

Driving in ColoradoFort Carson is located in Colorado Springs and is 60 miles South of Denver on Interstate 25 at Exit #135. The post is located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain.

Air Transportation Colorado Springs Airport is currently served by 8 airline carriers and is located about 10 miles from Fort Carson. The Armed Forces YMCA Booth, located near baggage claim area #4, is available for assistance. Military transportation is available 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-279-1151

Taxi Service 
Fare for trips from Fort Carson to downtown Colorado springs is approximately $10; to the airport is approximately $15.

Bus Transportation
The Greyhound bus terminal is located at 120 S. Weber Street. For fare information call 719-635-1505.

New Arrivals 
Go to Gate #1 on Highway 115 for a vehicle pass or to register your vehicle on post. Your current driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration will be needed.

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Department of Motor Vehicles

Restaurants: Read about favorites

waiter at la bodegaSo many to choose from and so many to try. Discovering some of the best restaurants in the area will not take long and making a few of them your favorites is inevitable.  As part of Fort Carson's ongoing effort to guide and show you on how living is like, we bring you our detailed restaurant section where we show you some of the best ones in town.

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 Real Estate: Homes and Lots

House in Colorado SpringsShould I build or should I buy an already made home? Many questions arise and if you are not sure whether you want to live in Colorado Springs or another surrounding town, check out our articles on individual towns real estate. These articles will give you an idea of how each towns real estate looks, we will also give you an idea of price ranges and the differences of living between towns surrounding Lakeside. See pictures of different homes, developments and even lots.
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 Legal: Visas, Wills and more

We know it can become confusing when trying to find out about certain legal and immigration maters before moving to a foreign country. This is why we have made it a little easier for you to understand certain basic legal and immigration procedures that you will undergo once you come to Mexico for a visit or even if you are planning retirement in the area. We will go over the different type of legal Visas, known as FM2 and FM3′s, wills in Mexico…
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Health Care: Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists

Health Care in MexicoEvans Army Community Hospital



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